Dear SDS patients,

due to the current  COVID-19 pandemic and the disturbing news in the media, many questions from our patients regarding particular risks for a severe course of the disease due to the pre-existing neutropenia reach us.

Unfortunately, there is no reliable data available yet. We know from the numerous other viral diseases that patients with isolated neutropenia have no increased risk of contracting a viral infection, because the virus defense function is normal.

For COVID-19, it can be seen that children overall have only minor symptoms and many survive the disease without any symptoms. In children and adults, it is particularly important to have concomitant diseases that can negatively influence the course of a viral infection, such as pre-existing lung or heart diseases. We therefore assume that in the event of a COVID19 infection, it is important to have sufficient granulocytes to combat secondary bacterial infections.

Our current recommendation is:

1. Compliance with the general hygiene recommendations according to the World Health Organization.

2. Avoid contact with groups of people, especially groups with many small children.

3. Pay attention to sufficient neutrophil counts (values should be permanently above 1000 / µl), if necessary adjust the G-CSF (Filgrastim) dose.

4. If possible, postpone routine checks (blood count and bone marrow puncture). Routine examinations are also available to a limited extent in the laboratories.

5. If symptoms of infection first contact the doctor's office or hospital by telephone.

We hope this information will help you.

For urgent inquiries contact your local physician or contact us via